Our Holistic Magazine

Bringing you valid information from experts in the field of psychology, acupuncture, nutrition and yoga to name a few.


Bro! SICK magazine. A lot to digest (which is good). Chock-full of info, this is so cool. YOU HAVE A MAGAZINE FAM LIKE WHAT?!?

Call me Ace


Many fitness gurus aren't talking about the parralels between mental health and physical fitness...what I found most valuable in the magazine was the interview with the psychologist, Dr. Reasoner.



This is such an amazing combination of things, not to mention the design and feel of the magazine. I love this! My dad who's a marketing expert finds the title of the magazine groundbreaking. 


What's in Our Magazine

What’s in our magazine?

We took a different approach to educate you on health and fitness. We interviewed a mental health psychologist, an acupuncturist, a dietician, and a certified yogi, to name a few, to bring you valid grounded information.


Dr. Reasoner talks about why it’s important to connect your why to your want, and why it’s important to put sleep above everything, even exercise.


An acupuncturist and the owner of Makai natural medicine, Henry shares his knowledge in the arts of eastern herbs and medicine. He also shares how he uses acupuncture and eastern medicine to treat his patients without neglecting the science of western medicine.

Fitness Magazine

What makes our fitness magazine different from others?

What makes our magazine different is that it focuses on total, holistic fitness. Its purpose isn’t to sell you anything or try to convince you that you should change and become someone else. Instead, it’s filled with valuable information, geared towards teaching you how to love and take better care of yourself.

For example, the word “Our” in “Our Holistic Magazine” represents the fact that the magazine is a compilation of collaborations with individuals within our community. Our Holistic Magazine is also based on the philosophy of Change iz Fitness and its members – and this philosophy is what we are sharing with you.

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