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30-day beginners

Training Program

The beginners’ program is a customized training program designed for individuals who have never worked out before. The program has a strong focus on and teaches you form, techniques and the basic core exercises within fitness such as squatting and planking, and push-ups and pull-ups. If your muscles controlling these movements lack strength then there’s a higher chance for you to get injured, therefore we recommend you start with this program.

This program includes:

  • A one hour consultation 
  • Physical fitness evaluation test
  • Four 60-min one-one training sessions
  • Weekly Personalized at home assignments based on the core exercises



The monthly subscription is exactly that. A program that automatically renews each month. The program is designed for you; the individual who’s currently working out, has worked out, or hasn’t for a while but is familiar with working out and needs someone to create a strategic training program while providing that extra motivational push you need to get the best out of your workouts.

This program includes:

  • A one hour consultation 
  • A Physical fitness evaluation test
  • Eight 60-min one-one combination of weightlifting & H.I.I.T training sessions
  • Access to online community with additional workouts, recipes & fitness articles
  • Access to virtual group classes

***Make a one time payment of $540 or two easy payments of $270 

90-day Transformation

Training Program

The 90-day transformation program is for that individual who is tired of the way they see themselves. Tired of being overweight, always out of breath and feeling tired OR lacking the right muscle density -not quite feeling like you measure up. If this is you then the 90-day transformation program is for you. The 90-day transformation program takes you through a series of rigorous and strategic training comprised of cardio, weightlifting and high intensity interval training tailored towards your goal.

This program includes:

  • A one hour consultation
  • Physical fitness evaluation test
  • Forty eight 60-min one-one sessions with a combination of weightlifting and H.I.I.T
  • Monthly body fat percent calculation
  • Monthly body measurements
  • Access to online community with additional workouts, recipes & fitness articles

***Make three payments of $894 or six easy payments of $447 


H.I.I.T Program

The quick burn training program is unique in its entirety as it gives you a one-one high intensity interval training program with a personal trainer that captures a full body workout in just 30-minutes. 

This program includes:

  • A one hour consultation (Free with purchase of program)
  • Four one-one 30-min H.I.I.T sessions (complete with warm up & warm up stretch, workout & cool down stretch) 


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