COVID 19 Mandate

covid - 19 mandate policy

The safety of our members is our main priority. As a result, we’ve implemented several guidelines to help combat against the spread of the COVID- 19 virus and to keep our members safe. Please see below to what those guidelines are:


These guidelines are in accordance with the directives from the Hawai’i state government and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The guidelines outlined in this mandate adds to the safety of our members and does not take away from the state’s “ACT NOW EMERGENCY ORDER.”

Given the fact that Change iz Fitness is physically located on the premises of Kapolei Lofts, a Greystar owned residential property. Change iz Fitness’s mandate will also reflect that of the guidelines issued by the management team of Kapolei Lofts. Change iz Fitness’s members will abide by these guidelines and any other guidelines set forth by the management team of Kapolei Lofts or Greystar.


Directives & Procedures

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