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What is holistic lifestyle change coaching?

Holistic Lifestyle Change Coaching is fitness and health coaching that focus on the entire person. It is personal training that takes the clients lifestyle, eating habits, mental and emotional state into consideration when working with the client.

What makes us different?

Currently, there are 1.6 billion Americans who are overweight, suffering from health-related illness, confused about who they can trust, and what’s the correct way to get healthy and heal themselves. 

This is where Change iz Fitness’s holistic approach comes in. Our approach to fitness is breaking through the misinformation and confusion of the industry, providing our clients with valid information and programs aimed at total wellness. Programs with a strong focus on positively changing their lifestyles. Programs that take into account their day to day lives, their mental and emotional health, along with their physical fitness goal(s).

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Our Holistic Magazine

We took a different approach to educating you on health and fitness. We interviewed a mental health psychologist, an acupuncturist, a dietitian, and a certified yogi, to name a few, to bring you valid grounded information. 

Client Results

Kristin’s lifestyle change is ongoing, however, she’s made tremendous progress in improving her mental and emotional health, along with her level of fitness. She’s decreased her body fat percent and built muscle while maintaining her current body weight. Her relationship with food has significantly improved, and now she sees food as nutrition for her body, while still enjoying her favorite treats.

Victoria says; I’m so happy with how far I have come with the help of Change iz Fitness. Fabian is very knowledgeable, he’s not only my gym coach, but also my life coach. He goes above and beyond to getting you were you want to be…