Nothing will change if nothing changes. It’s time to start
 your journey toward improving your mental health and living healthier.

Did you wake up one morning and suddenly realize you were overweight and out of shape and have been struggling to lose the extra weight and get healthy?

Well, you’ve tried everything, and none of it worked. It’s time to get a professional coach! 

No more fad diets. No more fitness challenges. No more “I’ll do it tomorrow”—no more broken promises.

The future you deserve to live a fit and healthy life, free from stress, worry, and anxiety. A life where working out fits perfectly into your day, and you don’t have to jump through hoops trying to get it done. A life where finding, preparing, and eating healthy foods doesn’t give you anxiety, a life where you love the foods you eat.

With the Built Different Lifestyle Coaching Program, you’ll feel like you have a personal trainer and a life coach right there in person, motivating, guiding, and supporting you every step of your fitness journey. 

Imagine the life you can live with benefits like these.


Reduce Stress & Improve Mental Health

One of the main benefits you'll get from the BDLC program is a life free from most worries, one where you control how your feelings affect you and how you manage the negative thoughts in your head.

Look Good & Feel Good

There's no doubt that when you look good, you feel good. Our Customized workout and nutrition guide will put you in the best shape of your life, building your confidence and improving your mood,

Improved Quality Sleep

Quality sleep is something most people struggle with every night, which always leaves them feeling exhausted, sluggish, and forgetful. We will teach you how to manage your daily life so this doesn't have to be you.

What you get:

Customized Workout - $125

A customized workout that fits your current lifestyle; starts at your current fitness level and changes as you grow.

Nutrition Guidance - $195

We can probably agree that diets suck and usually don't work for most people. This is why the BDLC Coaching program provides nutrition guidance that helps you make the foods you know and like healthy.

Mental Health/Life Coaching - $225

Meeting via Zoom monthly, our experienced Mental Health Professionals will teach you skills and techniques to help you navigate day-to-day life and reduce stress and anxiety.

Check-in & Support - $150

With weekly check-ins, group messaging, community support, and consistent motivational support, you'll feel like your trainer is there in person.

Total monthly value: $695

What you pay monthly $225

Cancel Anytime (No long term commitment)

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What Clients are saying

I am so happy with how far I have come with the help of Change iz Fitness. Fabian is very knowledgeable; he's not only my gym coach but also my life coach. He goes above and beyond to get you where you want to be.
Victoria V.
Since I started, I have significantly lowered my stress levels and no longer have food anxiety. In addition, I was able to reduce my medication dose and might be able to get off medication altogether. This program literally changed my life.
Express Yourself
Brianna B.
U.S. Soldier
The workouts are challenging yet doable for beginners. Fabian is passionate about helping others grow and become the best versions of themselves. Since I started, I did notice more definition in my legs and glutes, and my clothes are getting looser around the midsection, which is my problem area, now I look forward to working out!


Certified Trainer & Nutritionist, Pre-licensed Mental Health Counselor.

Are you ready for a better you? Let's Go!