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Be Your Change

What is the "Be Your Change Program?"

It's time to regain control of your health and recommit to yourself.

It only takes six-weeks to implement permanent change. This is it!

The Be Your Change Wellness Program is a trainer lead lifestyle change program where each member gets their own login to a personalized high intensity interval training program that replaces the typical gym session. A program they get to do in the comfort and privacy of their home.

The 6-week Be Your Change Wellness program is customized. It’s tailored so that you can systematically and confidently regain control and recommit to a life of living healthy. The program is broken-up into three phases, which starts you off slow and safe, and build with you as you get stronger. A yoga session that focuses on recovery and relaxation is strategically implemented to close each phase out.

The program also comes with five healthy dinner meals – complete with recipes and directions. The option to add additional meals is available at a discounted price.

What you get


Why add Yoga?

Yoga helps to improve strength, balance, flexibility, sleep and lowers blood pressure among a long list of other health benefits. Nicole, our certified yoga instructor with over 15yrs of experience will guide you through each yoga flow.

Eat delicious foods

Don't diet. Eat Healthy.

The “Be Your Change” Program focuses on eating healthy vs. dieting. So, you’ll never have to eat something you don’t like. It also teaches you how to eat foods other than salads that tastes good and are beneficial for your health.

Be Your Change

Fitness is a journey, therefore the best time to start is always now. You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great. This is your opportunity to be your change.

Start Your Change Today

what Clients are saying

CLIENT review

I used to feel tired all the time. But, ever since I started training and eating with Change iz Fitness I have more energy. I also have more confidence, and as a result I’m more out-going. I used to love Dr. Pepper, but the other day I thought I would have one since it’s been 3 months, and the taste was so horrible I felt grossed out.

Private community

Change iz Fitness community is a judgement free environment of like-minded people who share similar goals and interests. It’s a place where members are comfortable, they connect and build relationships while sharing accomplishments and lessons learned. You’ll have access to join our private Facebook community for additional benefits and support.