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Change iz Fitness’s holistic  lifestyle change programs are unique in that each program incorporates tools, resources, and techniques from the mental health community. Our focus is to use a psychological approach to help our clients learn how to recognize unhealthy patterns, habits, and traits, and in doing so they will be able to implement techniques that ensure they are living a life of balance. 

Exercise is naturally organic; it’s us


Modernization have forced us to replace movement with working out. 

Our lifestyle change programs will teach you how to move with correct form and consistency in a manner suitable for your phase in life and your fitness goal.    


Find balance between fuel and pleasure


Learn how to eat for nutritional purposes while enjoying the exquisite flavors of the foods you know and love.

Usually, when most people hear the word nutrition, they associate it with diet, but nutrition is quite far from dieting. Dieting is restrictive, demanding, and usually un-pleasurable, whereas nutrition is lifestyle eating. It allows you to eat foods based on your culture, fitness goal, and palette, and this is what we teach at Change iz Fitness. 

The mecca of all things living


“The best bridge between despair and hope is a good night’s sleep.” – Joseph Cossman

Sleep is essential to every process in our bodies; it is the most critical thing we can do for total health, affecting our daily physical and mental functioning. But it seems we’ve strayed further from investing in it, which is why our lifestyle change programs focus on reemphasizing the importance of sleep and why we need to prioritize it.  


Where thoughts become things

Mental health

It is a compilation of our emotional, psychological, and social well-being.

Every thought, feeling, or action we take starts within our minds, even the ones that occur when we sleep. Yet, investing in mental health remains the lowest on most people’s priority list. It is no wonder nearly one-third of Americans struggle with some form of mental illness. This is why Change iz Fitness is changing the status quo and putting mental health at the forefront of our training programs because a clear and improved mind creates pathways for a better life. 


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