Customized Nutrition Plan




Your body gets the fuel it needs and you get to enjoy the taste while reaping the benefits

Good nutrition is an important part of leading a healthy lifestyle. Combined with physical activity, your diet can help you reach and maintain a healthy weight, reduce your risk of chronic diseases like cancer while promoting overall health. 

A customized nutrition plan

Having a customized nutrition plan gives you the opportunity for more well-rounded meals at the dinner table, it gives you more time with your family. And research have shown that quality family time creates stronger connections, helps to build your children’s confidence, communication skills and helps to improve their performance in school. But, most importantly it takes the stress out of figuring out what to cook, and how to consistently create healthy meals that’ll improve your family’s health. 

Three plans to fit your lifestyle and budget

Five Day Dinner Choice
(not customized)

The five day dinner choice nutrition plan gives you five healthy dinner meals complete with recipes and cooking instructions that's based on the standard 2000Kcal daily intake.

Five Day Fit Plan

Complete with five breakfast and dinner meals, the five day nutrition plan is customized from a list of healthy foods you'll choose from. And your selection is what's used to create meals specifically for you.

Seven Day Healthy Choice

Our seven day healthy choice nutrition plan comes complete with recipes and cooking instructions for seven days. A 1-hr consultation allows us to create a nutrition plan that is specific to you and tailored to your fitness goals and your lifestyle.

Find out which plan is right for you

Five Day Dinner Choice

  • Five healthy dinner meals (not customized)
  • Complete recipes
  • Complete cooking instructions


  • Five healthy breakfast meals
  • Five healthy dinner meals
  • Pre-select your preferred foods
  • Complete recipes
  • Complete cooking instructions


  • Seven healthy breakfast meals (customized)
  • Seven healthy dinner meals (customized)
  • 1-hr consultation
  • Complete recipes
  • Complete cooking instructions


Change iz Fitness has a strong passion for creating a community for it’s members to grow and improve not only physically, but mentally and emotionally. Our goal is to always create a judgement free environment with the best products on the market while utilizing the latest training modules and current information to properly guide our clients on their journey towards their goals. And as such, we only partner with companies such as Amare, because they fit our values, training principles and our culture.

The wellness company


Amare is a wellness company that creates plant-based organic supplements that focuses on mental wellness from the perspective of aligning and balancing the gut. “Amare” means “to love” in latin, and this wellness company figured (with years of research) that your overall wellness (mental, emotional, and health) begins in the gut, and as such created products that revolves around total gut microbiome balancing.

Some of the products offered

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