Everything begins inside your mind. With the right mindset you will succeed.

what is it?

We’ve taken our one-one in person lifestyle change training and created an online version. This structured program will give you the opportunity to work out whether at home, at the gym or in a park with workouts that are suitable for every fitness level. With our mindset approach you will learn how to tackle negative self-thoughts and mental blocks, which can hinder progression. Our “Built Different” program is guaranteed to have you living your best healthy life. 

who is it for?

This program is for YOU. The person who’s ready for a lifestyle change. Ready to add fitness to your life and not having to schedule your days around fitness. Learn how to eat real-healthy foods, learn how to take care of your health without all the tricks and gimmicks.


GET A FREE shirt!

We didn’t want to just give you any t-shirt. But, a t-shirt that represents what’s the first step to the best gift you have and will ever give yourself.

how does it work?


Get access to the program.


Fill out the survey then choose your fitness level. 


Watch the welcome and nutrition video for full understanding of the program.


Get access to your personal profile on our nutrition App, start your program and schedule your first check-in.


To provide factorial health and fitness knowledge from a psychological standpoint based on research so that individuals can live healthier-longer.

a lifestyle program like no other


Learn how to train effectively


gym workouts
Whether your goal is to lose weight, define or build muscle we’ve created gym programs that will help you accomplish your goal. Each program will push you to the next level, while keeping it interesting so it doesn’t get boring.
dumbbell/kettlebell Workouts
What’s unique about our dumbbell/kettlebell programs is that you can do them either in the gym or at home. The intensity and weight combination makes it perfect for body toning also.
HIIT workouts
High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is the latest and greatest mode of fitness in the industry. HIIT makes fitness accessible to any and everyone and at any time. Our HIIT programs are several rounds of full body exercises that will push challenge you every step of the way.
Learn Techniques
Without techniques this Built Different program would be just like every other online program. But, because it’s not we teach you techniques that will serve you for the rest of your life. Techniques that will make fitness fun and safe.
Bodyweight workouts
Not every have access to a gym and quite frankly not everyone wants to be in one either. This is why we created at home HIIT workouts and at home dumbbell and kettlebell workout. So that you can invest in your health all from the comfort of your home.
Marco Meal Plan

Whether your goal is to lose weight, build muscle or tone up we have a MACRO nutrition plan for you. This plan ISN’T a diet. There are NO RESTRICTIONS, but instead it gives you the option to plug and play with different foods to create the perfect nutrition plan that works for you.

What makes Change iz Fitness so unique is our core belief in fitness and health education. And just like how educate our in-person clients, we’ve brought that education to this program via our webinars.
Access to Trainer
With the Built Different program you will have complete access to a personal trainer, whether it’s during the weekly check-ins where you can get all your questions answered, exercise demonstrated or get mental support. You’ll also have the ability to connect with a trainer through messaging via the App. There will never be a time where you’ll feel alone.



Yes. You are not locked into any contract and can cancel your membership at any time.
Canceling your membership is simple. Follow the steps below:
  1. Log into account on the Change iz Fitness website by clicking on the account tab in the upper right-hand corner.
  2. Log in using your email address and password
  3. Click Subscription
  4. Click Cancel
Check-ins are not mandatory, but to get the most out of the program it’s beneficial to join the weekly check-ins.

Check-ins is another form of support. During check-ins you will have the opportunity to get your questions answered, get additional demonstration to exercises, nutrition advices or any other concerns you might have resolved from a certified personal trainer.

No. You don’t have to start or workout at the level that is suggested. It’s a suggested level based on the responses to the quiz. You can choose any level you feel comfortable with, or change between levels. However, consistency is key so finding a program and seeing it through will be more beneficial than frequently changing programs.

No, you don’t. Each level of the program has both weighted workouts and non-weight (at home) total body workouts.

Yes. The mobile App gives you the freedom to do your workouts in the gym, at home, in a park or at the beach. Basically, wherever you can and want to workout.

Yes. Each level of the membership comes with two general Macro-based nutrition plans – one customized for weight loss and the other customized towards gaining muscle, which can also be used for toning.

No, you do not. The nutrition plan is a highly suggested Macro-based plan and
although it’s recommended to follow the structure of it, you do not have to follow it at all.

However, proper nutrition is essential to total health and fitness and it’s
encouraged that you follow, or start eating healthy-consistently.




The values of this program are aligned with that of the Change iz Fitness company, which are loyalty to our members and our mission; respect for our clients, as they’ve shown respect in trusting us with their health; integrity in what we believe in, what we teach our clients and the relationship we share with each client; and personal courage which is to standup and support our clients from all fronts, and teach them how to build the confidence and courage they need to standup for themselves also.
A strong feeling, or support, or allegiance to every member of our community.
Give due regards for the feelings, wishes, rights, or traditions of others.
Being honest and doing what’s right, legally and morally.
To face fear, danger or adversity.