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High intensity bootcamp

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Are serious about wanting to live a healthy life? Do you want to challenge yourself by no longer wanting to be average and stepping out of your comfort zone? 

Then you’re in the right place.

  • 7:30 -8:30am every Monday morning 
  • Outdoor Classes – Underneath beach Cabana 
  • Things to bring (Yoga mat, towel, water, insect repellant-optional) 


What's so good about our

Group Classes

Providing the same health benefits as other forms of traditional exercise, but in a shorter amount of time. With Change iz Fitness’s High Intensity Interval Training you’ll burn more calories in less time. You’ll lose weight faster, and build a leaner body while feeling good mentally and physically.

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Change iz Fitness community is a judgement free environment of like-minded people who share similar goals and interests. It’s a place where members are comfortable, they connect and build relationships, while sharing accomplishments and lessons learned. In addition members of our community have free complete access to the latest nutrition and fitness information.



90 day



  • gained 6lb in muscle
  • gained 1.5” in thighs
  • gained 2” in hips/glutes
  • defined stomach

CLIENT review

I used to feel tired all the time. But, ever since I started training and eating with Change iz Fitness I have more energy. I also have more confidence, and as a result I’m more out-going. I used to love Dr. Pepper, but the other day I thought I would have one since it’s been 3 months, and the taste was so horrible I felt grossed out.